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Bassist Angeline Saris

One minute of Angeline’s low-end thumping coming at you and you’ll know she is just as much beast as beauty.  She is a monstrous talent and has the schedule to prove it.  In the last year alone, Angeline recorded 2 albums and toured with the Narada Michael Walden Band, rocked the stage with Santana when he joined Narada’s band at their most recent show, joined forces with reggae and ska legend Ernest Ranglin, laid down some serious shredding bass on Gretchen Menn’s album Hale Souls (and works regularly as her touring bassist), recorded 4 instructional DVD’s for Hal Leonard as well as a demo video for GHS strings, joined the all-female Led Zeppelin tribute band Zepparella and continues to moonlight as a hired gun in the studio and for local shows.

Her resume includes work in an amazing array of styles, including jazz, rock, fusion, funk, R&B, pop, hip hop, and even flamenco/speed metal. With an arresting combination of versatility, focus, taste, and chops, she is a seasoned professional and compelling performer. Her jazz background shines through in her melodic lines; her rock leanings mean she isn’t afraid to lay down a solid, heavy grove; her chops allow her to burn when the moment asks for flash and energy. Whatever the song calls for, that is what she honors.

No frustrated guitarist, Angeline is a bass player who understands and celebrates the instrument.  Her playing pulls from some of her favorites such as Pino Palladino, John Paul Jones, Willie Weeks, Larry Graham, and James Jamerson, yet she brings a quality and sound that is uniquely her own. An admirer wrote a single word on the back of a set list during a show and tossed it back on stage. “Filthy!” it said. Angeline maintains it is one of the best compliments she ever received.

Angeline Saris

Fluent on 4 and 5 string basses, electric-upright and a quick read on charts, Angeline spends much of her time in the studio when not on the road.  Most recently, she recorded 2 albums with the Narada Michael Walden Band.  Rising Sun features several tracks from the highly acclaimed jazz-fusion group, The Mahavishnu Orchestra.  Angeline also co-wrote tracks off of the album, Thunder, including the title track, which gives listeners a serious dose of swampy funk.  She is currently writing and recording her first solo album, scheduled for release in 2014.

Angeline has worked as an instructor at the National Guitar Workshop and continues to teach private lessons in Northern California to a small group of students, covering a wide curriculum of techniques tailored for each student.  “I love watching my students learn.  There is nothing quite like seeing their faces light up when they nail a new bass part.   Plus, I feel teaching is an important part of my own growth as a musician.”

Angeline is already a force to be reckoned with, but her ambition and inexhaustible hunger to grow as a musician mean we will be seeing much more of her in years to come.


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