Angeline Saris Featured on the Cover of Bass Quarterly Magazine

BQCoverWe are excited to announce that Angeline is featured on the cover of the September/October 2012 issue Bass Quarterly Magazine.   To virtually flip through and check out Angeline’s interview on pages 74-78 and 113, visit:

4 Responses to Angeline Saris Featured on the Cover of Bass Quarterly Magazine

  • Rid Howze says:

    I want to see you play Parliment or with Michael H. Hit me back I was impressed by your skillz.

  • George Grexa says:

    Angeline Saris, is kind fun, dedicated, and a nice person. She also, plays in Michael Waldens band. WOW. Michael Waldens band. Go Girl. Enjoy.

  • George Grexa says:

    I had the pleasure of talking to her one on one on the phone, sweet , nice, and kind, intelligent, etc. The woman is talanted. She plays in Michaels band. WOW

  • Linden Mitchell says:

    Hello my name is linden even though I play drums being jamaican the bass is the heart beat. Yes you are a great player and everything that goes with it but to me.. I thank you not for the accolades but for the hardships that you went through to get to where you are now. The Angeline Saris that put in work and had to sacrifice to get to this level. The Angeline Saris that had to deal with all the challenges that life gives all of us. That Angeline Saris is my hero Thanx for all the hard work you truly are an inspiration Stay on the grind

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