Angeline Saris Joins Former Metallica Bassist Jason Newsted for Upcoming Shows with the Chophouse Band

Jason Newsted
Angeline Saris will be joining former Metallica Bassist Jason Newsted in a few upcoming shows with his Chophouse Band collective.  The first will be at the Red House in Walnut Creek, CA.  Ticket information available here:
The Chophouse band began in 1992 when six-time Grammy Award winning, Hall of Fame bassist Jason Newsted founded The Chophouse Studio and Record Company in the San Francisco bay area.

Following the success of Metallica’s 1991 black album, The Chophouse Studio was conceived by Newsted to assemble friends and comrades from other established acts and groups to have a special place to enjoy playing pure music for music’s sake on breaks and downtime, away from rigorous touring schedules and agendas.

The roster of The Chophouse Band numbers in the dozens from coast to coast, and every show will include select and surprise guests.., artists such as: Chris Barnett, Guillermo Gonzales, Mike Hughes, Tom Jordan, Brian Kehoe, Joe Ledesma, David Lopez, Jesus Mendez, Mike Ramos, Brian Sagrafena, Angeline Saris, Chris Scianni, Amir Tal, Rob Tucker and others may be featured at any given appearance of… JASON NEWSTED AND THE CHOPHOUSE BAND.
More shows to follow, so stay tuned!

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