Angeline to Teach at Warwick Bass Camp in 2016

IMG_0134-620Angeline is excited to announce that she will be teaching at the Warwick Bass Camp in September 2016. Last year, Angeline attended as a guest. She says, “Freddie Washington, Chuck Rainey, Lee Sklar, Rhonda Smith, Gary Willis, Kai Eckhardt, Bakithi Kumalo, Bobby Vega and so many more all in one place. This is a special event that Warwick has created to really bring the bass community together for education and for love of bass. I’m honored and excited to be a part of it next year.”

For more information, please visit:—Bass-Camp–The-Bass-Camp–Info–Registration-Info-2016.html#current_site_id

One Response to Angeline to Teach at Warwick Bass Camp in 2016

  • Bill says:

    I think of Warwick as being a much more “Heavy Metal” type instrument then I associate with you. What is the connection?

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