New ANGELEX album Tight Lips now available

I am proud to announce that our new ANGELEX album Tight Lips is officially available today.  Lex Razon and I have worked on making this album for over two years and are so happy to finally release it to the world.  It features a cast of the Bay Area’s best musicians and a wide variety of genres, from funk to reggae to rock to Latin and even a little bit pop in there. Enjoy!

Digital Download:


One Response to New ANGELEX album Tight Lips now available

  • Bill Coffman says:

    Was at Luccas in Benicia a few months back to see Camp Jeff and I literally bumped into you, you were very nice & funny about it, were I was rather stupefied & with a predicable corny response lol never the less not knowing who you were & after being smacked into by me you went up on stage to play with Mr.Campitelli and just played so good . I turned to a few people to ask who the hell is this lady playing the bass, a gentleman said Angeline… I said Angeline who? so at the end of the show I asked Mr Campitelli and he told me I introduced my self in a ham handed way, again you were nice about it. I have listend to some of your stuff and its quite good. good luck with the CD , oh I went to Novato High.. Go Hornets….

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