Treasured Fender Jazz American Deluxe Stolen… and Recovered!

In late February of this year, Angeline Saris’ prized Fender Jazz American Deluxe FMT was stolen at a show.  Fortunately, the bass was found about a month later in a forest just outside of Santa Cruz. “The flame on my bass is so unique, it’s like a fingerprint. I believe that unique flame, along with the immense amount of support from my friends and musical community made it hard for someone to sell the bass.  Im assuming that’s why they left it in the woods.  But, who really knows?  I’m just happy to have my baby back. That bass is like a child to me.”

Angeline would like to say a very big thank you to all who helped spread the word when the bass was stolen!

Clementine’s dog keeping watch over my bass right after her she was recovered

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