NAMM and Rehearsals

Angeline Saris with Gretchen Menn

Angeline with Gretchen Menn

It’s Sunday, January 29th, and I’m sitting here in LAX waiting for the connector flight to Tokyo and reflecting on these last two weeks.  Such a jam-packed blur of activity!

First off was the NAMM show a week ago.  I had a blast hanging with Stu Hamm and Gretchen Menn on Friday for our GHS artist signing.  Such a family vibe at GHS, which is a nice feeling to have amongst the insanity of the NAMM show.  Other highlights included meeting up with fellow bass-players and old friends, Lane Baldwin, Uriah Duffy, Brian Dean and Adam Theis.  A group of us cruised out Saturday night to see Paul Gilbert (one of my all-time favorite guitarists), Steve Vai and Steve Morse at the Hilton.   I was super stoked to see that Randy Jackson was on bass for the show!  I’ve been learning some of his bass parts for this tour to Japan and totally LOVING it!  Randy’s feel and blazing bass fills are the real deal… so tasty!

I got back from NAMM Sunday night and immediately started rehearsals with Narada on Monday.  We were down at Tarpan Studios everyday this week from 11 – 7 shedding the set for Japan.   A whopping 35 songs we’ve been working!  Yup!   Narada’s keeping us on our toes!  I’ve been getting nice and comfy on the electric upright I just purchased and am absolutely loving the tone of this instrument.  Diggin’ on the Clevinger!

Well, I’m going off 2 hours sleep and about to board the flight.  More mental shedding on the 13 hour flight and hopefully some sleep too!

Love and Low End,


One Response to NAMM and Rehearsals

  • Robert Jelgersma says:

    Hey beautiful, I just wanted say I saw this video in Japan yall kicked some ass.. You still play a lot with Gretchen ? The 2 of you are awesome together as you are with anybody else including yourself.. Look forward to hearing from you and seeing more of you.. Keep it Low & loud.. You are awesome..

    Love ya
    Robert Jelgersma

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