Show and Tell Blog Series #2: The Dance Between Bass and Drums

Here we are with the first official musical release for the Blog Series. I thought I would start by sharing a little jam I did with drummer Lex Razon. We got together to record some drum and bass grooves for his new website ( and this was one of our warm-ups from the session.

The jam definitely pulls from John Paul Jones’ playing in Zeppelin’s Lemon Song, so we aptly named the track Zeppo.  Since many of you know me for playing JPJ’s part in Zepparella for the last five years, this seemed like a great opportunity to let you know how I approach the solo section during this song. While Zepparella drummer Clementine and I have our own special groove together, my melodic approach remains mostly the same.

For this recording session, I tucked a small sponge back by my bridge so the attack is more muted and the notes decay more quickly. JPJ didn’t do this (to my knowledge), but I am also highly influenced by Mr. James Jamerson and he definitely did!

I feel like the track really starts to settle around the half-way point and the dance between drums and bass loosens up even more.  Be sure not to miss Lex’s laid-back drum solo around the 3:00 mark. Enjoy! ☺

Love and Low End,


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