Show and Tell Blog Series #3: Got FoMO?

FoMO = Fear of Missing Out

If you’re not familiar yet with the term, you are most likely familiar with the feeling.   It’s the fear that arises from that sticky scenario where you are presented with two equally enticing things to do and must choose.

I don’t know about you, but I live with a serious case of FoMO. It rears it’s ugly head when trying to pick between which gigs to take, cool concerts to go see or even what to practice. Frustration, annoyance, worry and even sadness are just a few of the FoMOtions that come up for me.

What’s your experience of FoMO?  Your FoMOtions?

I have come to realize that what is tucked just behind this cloud of FoMOtions is actually something good—dare I say healthy. It’s an appreciation for everything life has to offer… and a deep sadness that I will not have enough days on this planet to do it all. I might miss out on visiting that old friend or never actually learn Japanese. But, hidden in every no is a yes to something else. Maybe the grass isn’t always greener? Or, maybe it is. Either way, we’ll never know. I guess all you can do is to make your choices and be at peace with them.

The track I’m sharing with you today is my instrumental reflection on the feeling of missing out, the choices we make and hopefully, the peace we find after making those choices.

The song is performed on my Marleaux Soprano bass, which still has the same tuning as a regular bass (EADG) but is up in a higher register. While a lot of bass playing is often single note lines used to support a band, this song is written using arpeggiated bass chords to carry the melody. I padded the lower register with long tones on my Clevinger electric upright bass. Daria Johsnon joined me on drums and her use of symbols and pocketed laid-back groove is just what I envisioned for this delicate track.   It’s called Missed Opportunities.

For purchase:



Or, watch on Youtube here:

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16 Responses to Show and Tell Blog Series #3: Got FoMO?

  • Bill says:

    Oh Stop!
    There are no where enough short cuts for my stories:-O

  • nice,chill tune.

  • William Schenck says:

    Yes Angeline I have had this happen recently . I had a chance to play for one if my favorite bands , and could not do the project because if other commitments with other bands and Family . It’s important to realize that , “There are and will be other opportunities for everyone you just have to keep on keeping on ”
    Keep playing when and wherever you can . There’s always a positive outlook if you live your life with a positive attitude . Thank you , and God bless .

  • William Schenck says:

    Yes I have had foMO’s . I had an opportunity to play for a group I really wanted to jam with for a long time . Unfortunately I could not do the project because of other band commitments and Family . I believe that if that opportunity didn’t work out just Keep on Keeping on . You must have a positive outlook in life and a positive attitude for your future so you can have those other doors open for you. Thank you Angelina . God bless. 🎃.

  • Rich Perkins says:

    What an awesome song. Thank You for putting it on here. I’m near Poughkeepsie. so I’ll be at the chance to see You live 🙂 Keep playing that music!!! I’m cheering already 🙂

  • Shawn says:

    I get FoMOtions! But when I feel one coming on, I try to open my eyes, refocus, and feel instead the awesome wonderfulness of the moment. in the moment, there is no choice ~ only what is.

  • Brendan says:

    Angeline, this is beautiful: soothing, delicate, and pretty, with a touch of melancholy. I love that kind of music! Thank you for sharing it; and thank you for doing what you do!

    I can relate to FoMo, or to the actual realization of MO 🙂 (I’m working on a piece of writing where I’m trying to describe something similar, and it’s tough to do: like trying to capture the awe of the Grand Canyon in a photograph…) This new piece of music of yours really illustrates/conveys the feeling very well!

    I think this blog is a great idea; thanks for starting it to keep in touch with your fans!

  • Tony Holt says:

    Nice stuff. Liking this blog–seems like a great outlet for you. Fear of Missing Out is not nearly as bad as KOMO……knowledge of missing out. You just gotta keep trying to get out there and experience all you can. So many people I know are in work/sleep mode and have given up their passions. We all serve somebody but we should serve ourselves first!

  • kim steele says:

    too good! I’m soooo diggin’ these blogs!

  • John Rewind says:

    Very nice piece and unique sound. Bravo.

  • Bill says:

    Girl you are so ROCKIN’ the blogs! #3 is a serious tear jerker, I can’t count the missed opportunities I look back on. Emotionally, financially, family, friends….your sound track goes straight through my heart.

  • Tina 'bo bina says:

    Love your playing of this beautiful tune Ang! As i get my day going today, I’m calling it my Angspiration!! 🙂 Love and miss u!

  • Skot says:

    What a beautiful tune!! Love it!!

  • Steven says:

    I love the “Missed Opportunities” song, it’s like a dream. I can’t stop listening to it….

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