Show and Tell Blog Series #1: What’s it all about?

Welcome to Show and Tell! This blog series is where you’ll hopefully get to know me a little better. It’s a framework for me to share a broad range of my art, but more importantly, my process around creating it—a process that can be very messy and sometimes vulnerable.

You may actually find finished pieces posted here, but more often you’ll see works-in-progress. You’ll hear musical ideas that were birthed in late-night jam sessions with friends or on rainy Sunday mornings at home alone. You’ll see how some of these ideas start to take shape and how others get returned back into the cosmos. You’ll hear old recordings that have never been released to the public for fear of not being “done.” You’ll hear clips from rehearsals, records that inspire me, see art I’m digging, authors I’m reading, find discussions on tough topics I need help tackling… and who knows what else? Which brings me to the most important part…. Your participation.

My hope is that you will all be a part of this process with me! Whether we recognize it or not, we are influenced by those around us and the art they both create and admire. We are always collaborating whether we know it or not. I’ll share with you what is currently inspiring me and my hope is that you’ll share with me what is inspiring you. I invite and encourage you all to comment on the posts as I release them.

So, cheers to the spirit of creation, to messiness, to not being afraid to suck, to happy mistakes, to freeing yourself from a perfection that does not exist and to sharing it all with you. This is how art is made.

Love and Low End,


Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.

– Leonard Cohen
** Thank you to Austin Kleon and his book, “Show Your Work” for giving me the idea to start this blog. You rock.

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