Warwick Features Angeline Saris and Her New Triumph Electric Upright in Ad

What a fun surprise to see that my new Warwick Triumph electric upright and I made an appearance in this month’s June 2019 Bass Player magazine, along with some other other music publications.  This was the first time I got to design my own bass.  I am a big fan of Super Sport muscle cars, which is what these orange stripes are inspired by.  The dark grey/black flame over the maple in the back makes for an extra snazzy look.  I also modded the tone controls to add a parametric EQ mid-range function, which allows for a wider range of tonal variety.  This bass has delivered the perfect low-end this last year for my shows with Ernest Ranglin, ANGELEX and in the studio with Narada Michael Walden.  Couldn’t be happier!

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